Privacy Policy

This policy statement provides detailed information on the handling of personal Data, which is collected or given by customers for availing the services of (means a Website). 

The principal setout in this policy statement for handling personal data of customers is detailed herein below by the company. The privacy policy and terms and conditions applied herein refers to the services offered by E-Stars. 


Privacy Policy of

We adopted a standard privacy policy for the website because we are committed to protect the privacy of customers and every site visitor. This privacy policy is effective since the web page is managed and operated by the website.

If you use this website, it means you agree with the privacy policy of E-stars.

If any dispute arises with respect to privacy policy or any clause of terms and conditions and cookies policy, jurisdiction of court will be settled in Danish court

In case of any queries related to privacy policy or any other issues. Please contact the Grievance Officer at Email address: or contact number: +45 60147905



Collection of Personal Data

E-Stars (Means a company) which collects personal data of customers for providing recruitment services. The E-stars shall have the right to obtain name, E-mail address and any other personal data required to enable the services of E-stars.


We ask and collect the personal data of customers while using the platform. This is necessary for the collection of personal data for performing the conditions of contract between users, customers and the website and compliance with obligations.


Account Information

Whenever you register with, you need to provide information such as your name, email address and city and country name. At the time of subscription or any further transaction with the company that requires more information as may be mentioned or provided on request or demand.


Personal Information

The following personal information is collected from the customer by the website for performing functions for customers. 


  1. Name of customer
  2. Email Address
  3. Respective Address
  4. Qualification
  5. Previous employment experience stated on the profile


Usage of Personal Data

We collect your personal information necessary for the fulfillment of your request. When a company or website is required to collect more information from the customers than it gives intimation and necessary disclosures.


The main purpose for the collection of personal datas are mentioned in the following manners such as;


  1. Providing Recruitment services
  2. Responding to the individual request
  3. Maintain contact with client
  4. Send them a Newsletter when they subscribed
  5. Provide customer support for the services obtained
  6. Resolve dispute or any troubleshooting


Personal information or data collected through this site is used only for the purpose at the time of collection and as per the objective mentioned above.